Saturday, October 27, 2012

Welcome Gentlemen Gamers

Hello and welcome to our new blog, which will follow our activities in preparing large colourful games in interesting locations twice a year in Bohemia. We are an amalgam of several friends and members of different wargames clubs across the Czech Republic, as well as wargaming friends from Poland, UK and other countries.

The big project for this year will be to hold a large game for the Battle of Austerlitz in 28mm. We will be hopefully holding the game nearby to the Battle of Austerlitz, during the Napoleonic Days celebration there during August 2013.

We have a few members already feverishly painting up units for this as we speak, and photographs of their collective efforts will be posted up here along with information on our progress as we get nearer to the big game.

Of course we are interested in meeting all like-minded souls who enjoy playing with toy soldiers, have a keen interest in history, are not afraid of conversation, water and soap, and the occasional fine wine.


"von Browne"